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Basic decorative concrete ideas

As a building material, concrete is best known for its toughness and durability. Rightly so since those are perhaps the material’s best attributes. You can count on any structure made of concrete to last for many years. Whether it’s a home or a different structure, it’s bound to be around for a while.

However, concrete isn’t just used for its durability. There are other good reasons to use it that are not just about its strength and capacity to last for years to come. One of those reasons is to make use of it as a decorative element, especially in homes. It might not be what you’d think of first when you hear about concrete but it also offers significant aesthetic value.

Actually, tks interior design and remodeling from chicago what’s known as decorative concrete offers a number of different options. One thing’s for sure, whichever one you choose is bound to add to the overall look of the space where it’s added. But it’s also important to know how to choose the right one for you. Think about various factors like budget and if the design is compatible with that of the rest of the space.

You can definitely use an idea or two when it comes to decorative concrete. Here are some basic decorative concrete ideas for your home that can help you decide.

Basic One Color / Stain Application

With the basic one color and stain application, you’re going to go with a single color or a single color hardener. That’s opposed to going with stamped concrete that utilizes combinations of multiple patterns and colors. You have the option of stenciling the decorative border of the walkway or driveway.

This option isn’t just great for driveways or walkways. You can also use it for flooring indoors. But if it’s going to be used inside, the better option is to apply a sealing coat on the one color/stain application. It’s better than the other treatment options that are far more elaborate.

Look for more economical alternatives such as a water-based stain instead of more expensive ones like an acid stain. This will help minimize the cost of using stain colors and other elaborate graphics in the decorative concrete.

Polished Finish

A polished finish offers much in terms of benefits. Polished concrete increases the illumination of any area. In addition to that, polished concrete is also more affordable to maintain and provides better slip resistance.

This type of decorative concrete is a more economical alternative to more expensive options like marble or granite. If there is heavy foot traffic, the area could lose shine after a while. It can easily be brought back without much cost or trouble.

Stenciling Concrete

You might favor a more colorful look or one that has multiple patterns and designs. In that case, you might want to install a stamped patio or driveway where one integral or hardener color will be used.

Stenciling a part of the patio or the driveway is also an option for you. The same result can be achieved by stenciling the decorative borders of those spaces.

Rock Salt or Exposed Aggregate Finish

As for outdoor pavements, you can use rock salt or aggregate finish for that. They’re among the best options you have for patios, sidewalks, plazas, and pool decks.

Rock salt and exposed aggregate finishes are both very attractive while also being economical. But how are they achieved? 

A rock salt finish is achieved by exposing wet concrete to salt. After 24 hours, a pattern of indentations will be revealed when the salt is washed away. Exposed aggregate is achieved by placing concrete and then removing the cement’s outer skin. This will reveal the decorative coarse aggregate.

These basic decorative concrete ideas for your home should serve you well if you ever have plans for changing or improving the look of your property. If you’re not so sure of how to incorporate these ideas into your home project, you can always consult a professional contractor for expert advice and guidance. Visit your nearest Concrete Mckinney TX.


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